Willing to sell:

*70 lvl Human Prot Paladin
*95% Preraid BiS (green trinket)
*100% ground 60% flying
*889g gold
*Honor Hold revered, Lower city honored, Aldor revered, Sha'tar Honored nearly revered, keeper's of time revered
*Arcatraz / Shattered Halls key guests done
*Kara Preq Done, tanked kara once as OT without drops but I assure you that Paladin is an BEAST OT!
*Some holy gear that gotten from dungs.
*Maxed Mining, BS 265


- Middleman can be used on ur expense.
-Paypal / Skrill
-Money moves always first without middleman unless ur reputated person here.

Add me on skype: [email protected] (Eextc)