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Will give 2x (random) adult member accounts to D3 staff for free to prove I am legit

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Unverified STEAM Accounts!!
#1) CS:Source

#2) CS:Source / CS:Condition Zero / CS: Condition Zero - Deleted Scenes

#3) CS:Source / CS:Condition Zero / CS:Condition Zero Deleted Scenes / Counter-Strike / Day of Defeat / Day of Defeat SoS / Death Match Classic / Empire Total war / Football Manager 2009 / Half-Life 2 Death Match / Half-Life 2 DC / Ricochet

#4) CS:Source / Day of Defeat Source /Half-Life 2 Death Match / HL2 LC

#5) Empire Total War / Medieval 2 Total War / Total War Kingdoms / Prototype / Rome TW Alexander / Rome TW Gold Ed

#6) COD: Modern Ware-fare 2 / COD Modern Ware-fare 2 Multilayer / Counter-Strike / CS:Source / CS:Condition Zero / CZS / Day of Defeat / Death Match Classic / Football Manager 09 / Football Manager 10 / Ricochet / Warhammer 40 000 Dawn of War 2
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- Getting free gear from logitech (US only)
- Website hosting/setting up
-Cheap steams (Tell me what you want)
-FUD Rats
-E-Books to make money online (proven working)

And more...

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Tracky  - I just received a working set of Account  // password :)
So, he seems to be legit
mr_ice - So this guy is definitely  legit he just gave me a working set of  account/pass for a premium web  site.