Hello everyone !

I am selling my OWN , personal LoL account . I'm getting bored of LOL and decided to play different games like DayZ and CS:GO

Details of the account :

Server : NA

Name : Telling you after a offer

RP : 8 (I can get 2k more RP if you want)

IP: About 5K (I do play games yet until it is not purchased so i can not say exact number) You can use this to change the name , or get some champs

Champions owned : 73

Rune pages : 4 , AD, AP, AS, AD Jung

Division : Gold2[might get plat v in the meantime) (so you will get the victorious morgana skin)
Skins : 10

Panda Annie
Unchained Alistar (Free)
Grey Warwick
Riot Girl Tristana (Free)
High Command Katarina
Dragon Fist Lee Sin
SKT Vayne
Black Belt Udyr
Dredknight Garen
Tundra Fizz

PRICE : Would go around $64 minimum to $80