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The website has a multi-language feature so you can use (English, Russian or Bulgarian), forums too.

Server Hardware (we have 2 dedicated machines for both expansions, each at):

2x Intel Xeon CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz -
64GB ECC (ddr3) Ram @ 1600MHz
3x 256 GB Intel 5th Gen SSD
10GB/s Bulgarian Network and 1GB/s international which offers you stable and lag-free game envoirment.

We have 2 realms, Instant 80 (funserver with lots of custom scripts, custom season 9 gear and free wrathful / tier 10hc items) and the other one is Blizzlike.
They both share the same core which means if there is a issue with a spell/talent/glyph or anything else it will be fixed on the both realms.
So far we have fixed:
~~~ PVE ~~~
Icecrown Citadel (12/12) Fully Available
Trial of Crusader (5/5) Fully Available
Ulduar (13/13) Fully Available
Naxxramas - (15/15) Fully Available
Vanilla Dungeons - Fully Available + All Achievements are obtainable!
TBC Dungeons - Fully Available + All Achievements are obtainable!
WoTLK Dungeons - Almost all dungeons are working as intended with most of the achievements obtainable.
Only the dungeon called "Culling of Stratholme" is still being worked on the last boss "Epoch Hunter" for his achievement, AI and drops.
~~~ PVP ~~~
Ring of Valor - Fully scripted and available, fixed Pillar movement and LoS
Dalaran Sewers - Fully scripted and available, fixed water knockback and LoS, vmaps falling underground issue
Isle of Conquest - Fully scripted.

Almost all spells/talents/glyphs are working as intended even Raise Ally

Pandaria is under high development and we wont share any information about it, the base is MistCore for the 5.0.5 with tons of fixes from our side, about the instant90 fun realm the base is SkyFire with many opcodes fixed, such as pets, calendar, guild, arena systems (new systems from 5.4+), battleground opcodes...
Best Regards,
DragonFire Team.