Hey guys Im here to tell you that theres a Sever that is Just like the Old Eternion WoW private server. This server is Called Eternion-Reborn and that it is fully working and More Stuff to come, it is playable right now and looking for players and thats where you come in!!! There is a stream that streams There server everyday called Tyltim and you can check him out too gameplay of Reborn-WoW @ twitch/tyltim2014 and make sure to share his twitch to your friends to help advertise the private server. You can checkout reborn-wow website, and see how to connect @ eternion-reborn .com We are asking everyone to share this with there friends for everyone can have the best experince on Reborn-WoW!!!! Also tell the staff that you found the server by my Post and Stream to help me out!