ProjectWoTLK is a newly formed Private Server looking for players on our unique PvP Server for Beta Testing!
We are currently running patch 3.3.5 (12340)
Server info:
2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 5160 @ 3.00GHz
Samsung EVO 120GB SSD and 1TB SAS 15k Harddrives
Internet Speed 150/100 ATM

Friendly Staff Members!
We are also on the hunt for more Game Masters. Apply on our forums!

Our Instant 80 PvP server is one of the most unique servers out there. You don't just join and get full Wrathful. On our servers you have to work your way from Furious than Relentless before you can take upon the challange and get the ultimate gear Wrathful!
We also have our mall setup with each sections. As you join the server you're greeted by multiple trainers. Here you will find your own trainer as you process further you will find the starter gear vendor. As you proceed further into the mall you'll find the enchanting and gem vendors. Everything you need at one place!

Hope to see you all ingame!

You can find our Website HERE
You can also find our forum HERE

Known Server Issue:
None at the moment. Hopefully you guys will report bugs to the development team

Some screenshots: