Project Supremacy - *********'s new 3.3.5a Realm

This is a discussion on Project Supremacy - *********'s new 3.3.5a Realm within the Advertise your Private Server board part of the WoW Private Servers category; Greetings, ********* is proud to announce the release of our 3.3.5 Supremacy PvP/PvE realm. Featuring: ✦ Personal Malls. ✦ Unique ...

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    Project Supremacy - *********'s new 3.3.5a Realm


    ********* is proud to announce the release of our 3.3.5 Supremacy PvP/PvE realm.


    ✦ Personal Malls.
    ✦ Unique Dungeon System.
    ✦ PvP Upgrade System.
    ✦ Redridge Mountains.
    ✦ Guild Sanctuaries.

    PERSONAL MALLS Attachment 10072

    Join the Horde or the Alliance and gear up at the separated faction mall sanctuaries or summon your Personal Mall companion and have access to mall vendors anywhere at anytime!
    Unlock better Personal Mall custom displays via [Mysterious Pet Box] (such as "Mini Lich King"). Lucky players can even unlock Personal Enchanter and Personal Transmogifier.
    This Unique feature will save you time on your journey in Supremacy!


    We are currently in the process of restoring all Vanilla and The Burning Crusade classic dungeons.
    Join us for the most epic PvE experience, reliving World of Warcraft's Classic Dungeons!
    Explore the Bronze Dungeons to find revamped upgraded classic weapons and Tier 12.5 armour tokens. Once you have completed the Bronze Dungeon requirements you will progress to Silver Dungeons! Exploring Silver Dungeons will reward you with Tier 13.5.
    Be warned, Silver Dungeons are a lot more difficult than Bronze Dungeons. Complete the Silver Dungeon quest to unlock the ultimate Gold Dungeons! Explore and master the Gold Dungeons to find yourself Tier 14.5, the greatest PvE achievement on Supremacy.

    The following dungeons are currently avaliable:

    Bronze Dungeons


    Shadowfang Keep

    Wailing Caverns


    Silver Dungeons

    Scarlet Monastery: Armory

    Scarlet Monastery: Library

    Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard

    Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral

    Gold Dungeons

    Vault of Archavon (Note: 10 man raid currently available)


    Step up the PvP ladder in the 1v1 Arena or join with your friends in 2v2/3v3 Arenas and become Arena Master of Supremacy! Each Gladiator's Season the top 5 2v2 Arena teams will get special rewards!
    Starting from Wrathful Gladiator gear upgrading to Resentful Gladiator gear, continuing to Grievous Gladiator and then to Frantic Gladiator. Be the pride of the Alliance or the Horde by queuing into Battlegrounds to show the strength of your faction and earn special rewards! Battle through to Gurubashi Arena to collect special Gurubashi Battle Tokens to claim your titles!


    Visit Lakeshire to help its citizens fight againts the Blackrock Clan! Dominate the Blackrock quest chain along with plenty of dailies. Gain reputation with Lakeshire for access to awesome rewards.
    Explore Redridge Mountains and discover 50+ hidden rares, treasure chests, world bosses and world PvP.
    Visit the Lakeshire Summoner, exchange spare [Bronze Boss Token] to face The Demon of the Mist.
    Unlock exclusive pets/mounts and professions.
    The secrets of Redridge Mountains awaits you!


    Join forces with the Argent Dawn in Stormwind which is divided into Guild Halls!
    Each month the top 6 Guilds with the most [Guild Coin] (which is rewarded from voting) will be able to trade their coins in for their own unique Guild Hall. Each Guild Hall has its own perks like buffs, Guild Boss, unique vendors, transmog and more! Gain reputation with the Argent Dawn to unlock many amazing rewards such as the Fishing skill, mounts, pets and more.
    Obtain [Guild Token] from Fishing, Voting or Stockades. Combine the Guild tokens and coins into the Guild bank, when the Guild has enough tokens, rally your Guild members and summon the Guild Boss!

    __________________________________________________ _________________

    The realm is now open!
    - Join now at:
    ********* - Cataclysm Instant 85 WoW Private Server - 4.3.4 WoW Private Server - Wotlk Instant 80 WoW Private Server - 3.3.5 WoW Server

    Credits to: Docx, Auter, Laladin
    Special thanks to: Msoul, Exonation and all the Beta Testers of ********* who made this possible!

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