Kargath wow want to give you a warm welcome to our server, we have a professional staff, an amazing stable server, the best Item Store ever! and many more things!

website: kargath-wow(dot)com

Server Rates

Explore x10
Rep x10
Prof x10
Quest x10
Quest Rewards x10
Drop x10

Note: You can ask for starter gear to gm's when you reach lvl 80, rare items to get you at 3.5k Br

Also we are celebrating our first month with a special event this weekend! from 27th to 29th and it's called [Power Weekend]

> Exp rates double.
> Honor rates double.
> Arena points double (for the rest of the week).
> Profession rates double.
> VP from voting and recruiting friends double.
> Instant flightpaths will be available.
> Obstacle track and Hide n Seek events will be held daily with exclusive awards like transmog pieces and pets/mounts.
> Transfer from other servers will also be available. This include levels, some money for skills and starter gear.
> If people are interested in a PvP tournament, we will arrange it on sunday. Top three teams in 2v2 and 3v3 bracket will be posted on website for the rest of the week. More info coming soon.

What are you waiting for?!