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    Post CoregionWoW Progressive Server

    - CoregionWow Progressive Realm.
    - Simulation of Vanilla expansion, later TBC and finally WoTLK.
    - Rates x1
    - Challenging content, Raids attuned, Vanilla quest lines and bosses brought back.
    - PvP realm,
    - Realm First Achievements available,
    - NO PAY2WIN

    Hello and Welcome to Coregion WoW server.

    We do not plan to hold LvL'ing phase, so we 're offering level 60 as starting point, so you can focus on gearing yourself up on

    Our server requires a Custom Patch made by us to get Access to Raids, Dungeons since they have been Attuned to make it impossible to enter them without achieving a goal required to gain entrance into it.
    You can download our Custom Patch here:

    Coregion WoW is a Private Server using Trinity Core as it's emulator. We're fixing known bugs and problems related to it as a means to learn more about it's structure and to be better Programmers.
    Coregion WoW Realm is using Patch 3.3.5a Wrath of the Lich King expansion, however we are starting from "Vanilla"
    First Expansion of World of Warcraft with disabled features from other Expansions like:

    Professions: Jewelcrafting, Inscription.
    Hero Class Death Knight.
    Outland and Northrend Areas.
    Dungeon Finder Disabled.
    Dual Specialization Disabled.
    And talents, which we assumed were to OP for Vanilla content.
    Level Cap brought down to 60. Vanilla Capped.

    What will be disabled during first months of Vanilla simulation:

    Dragons of Nightmare Disabled.
    Raids (Blackwing Lair, Zul gurub, Aq20, Aq40)
    Items which were released in later patches.

    Now for the part what WILL BE enabled.:
    First mount from level 20.
    Second mount level 40.
    Bonuses from Professions(Lifeblood, Toughtness, Master of Anatomy)
    Blood Elf and Dranei race's.
    Shaman for alliance, paladin for horde.
    Arena's and world PvP.
    Onyxia and Molten Core raids.

    Our server is rates x1 for Exp/Quest/Drop/Gold/Reputation/Honor.

    Coregion WoW is a Progressive Realm, starting from Blackrock Depths as your first challenge on the long road to the Almighty "Arthas, The Lich King". On your road you will encounter such dangers as The Firelord Ragnaros, The Black Dragonkin King Nefarian, The Servant of Lich King Kel'thuzad, One of the Old Gods C'thun!.

    Later you will have to challenge Illidan's Forces and Stop the Burning Legion Invasion on Azeroth!

    And finally made your way to the Icecrown Citadel where Lich King awaits you.

    Your first hard obstacle on your road is Ragnaros and Onyxia. Do you think you have the power and guts to Defeat them? If you think so then Start your Epic Journey Now!

    We proudly present you Molten Core and Onyxia Raids boosted, so even your Experience from Vanilla won't help you much! Lot's of bugs fixed and many many more are fixed every day. Try it for yourself and judge!

    CoregionWoW is a PvP Progressive Realm, with boosted raid encounters and instances, it's a realm meant for hardcore raiders looking for challenges to conquer and be one of the best on the Realm. Raids are not going to get nerfed, quite the opposite they will be boosted even more if the content will be too easy.

    Simple Reminder: EACH AND EVERY RAID IS ATTUNED BY ACHIEVEMENTS, meaning you won't get to Lich King without starting from Blackrock Depths instance no matter when you begin your journey on our server! It's possible only a couple of people will reach Lich King's domain and challenge him out of the all Guilds trying to get to him!

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