Hello all and welcome,
IF you are reading this you are a select few who took enough time out of their day for adventure.
Now if your a proud adventurer and like to try new things your in for this for the long haul. If you don't want to read much then enjoy this video:

Welcome to Desecration WoW created by the owners for Kasma wow this server is unique, Custom scripted bosses of old we have: Loki god of tricks, Thor god of thunder, Odin all father, Freya , Image of the lich king, Ydrassil, Illidian & his counsel, The blacksmiths who creat weapons for the titans, and many more.


Their are about 12 custom hours of gameplay if your a fast player, however it can take some time to obtain gear to play through this game, Donation doesn't just help keep the server running but can give you an advantage over others in this server. Most raids and world bosses are not supposed to be soloable but if you donated enough you can solo anything in this server if you play right.

For a limited time donations are doubled, 10$ now gives 20 donor points ect.