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You will ask why to join exactly in this realm? The answer is that we are a team worked about a year and maybe more by fixing exactly the PvP part of Wrath of the Lich King expansion. If you love buggles PvP (World PvP, Rated Arenas and Battlegrounds) this is your place. You can check also the following goodies:

- Pure PvP system for the WotLK expansion (no custom items, spells, etc)
- Fully working Movement Maps / Pathfinder System
- Spell CC Delay
- Scripted racial and class spells, abilities and talents
- Average population
- Transmogrification system (also own transmog for VIP members)
- VIP accounts for top arena players
- Duel reset cooldowns script
- Active Anticheat system
- Fully working Arena Spectator NPC
- High Skillcap players
- Fully working Arena Spectator UI Addon for better spectating experience
- Professions Mall
- Exotic Arena-queue places through the map
- Custom Jump Event with rewards
- Custom Arena Seasons with reward ceremony
- Exotic Mounts without faction restrictions for free
- Custom Boss Event
- Weekly 2v2 and 3v3 pvp events with Live Stream
- Daily fixes and improvements

Here is our current CHANGELOG who we updates almost every day.

Starter gear is Wrathful Gladiator and Tier 10.5 (heroic). Jewelry up to 284 level free, weapons are restricted to level 277 for Wrathful weapons and level 264 for ICC weapons (Because of pvp ballance, we are removed all overpowered items like Shadowmourne, and any other weapons level 284)

The server is hosted in East Europe (Bulgaria):

We also livestream many of 2v2 and 3v3 events, there are some of them:

Twitch - 2v2 PVP Event ft. Marm, Mehhx, Kaligolka and more - BattleArenas.No-IP.org
Twitch - 3v3 PVP Event by Jessique (Winners: Noskill and Dyrex, comp: Hpala/Wlock)

There is our review by MrGamemasterReviews on YouTube, captured in the middle of 2012 (We are the 8th in his server toplist for 2012 year):

And some ingame screenshots:

There are our staff team:

Jessique / Natureknight - Owner and Developer
Paynerbossx - Head GameMaster
Soulrise - Head GameMaster
Aphane - Head GameMaster
Cillez - GameMaster
Themancer - GameMaster

Experience the pure and ballanced PvP without any custom items, custom spells etc. Feel free to check this out, if you love to pvp, you will love us Enjoy