We would like to present you our new project: PlayTBC.com. It is a new, 2.4.3 blizzlike private server. The project is based on love for TBC and exceptional programming knowledge of the server staff. We want to create an international community of TBC-lovers, who are going to enjoy the finest WoW:TBC experience on our server. We put a great effort to create an environment the most similar to the original content that you could have seen on retail back in 2007.

The project:
- The Burning Crusade - the best WoW expansion ever made
- Start in Outland at level 60 in a starting gear designed to serve you for the first few moments in Hellfire Peninsula - we decided to skip the vanilla content and start from level 60, as it was on retail back in the days of introducing TBC
- Server rates setting slightly increased (x2) - to make the game more accessible for new players (experience rate can be set to x1 through the player's panel)
- Content progression starts from T4-T5 / S1-S2 open - to make the gameplay on the server last longer and be more competitive
- International community - we put a great effort into advertising the project in various target groups
- No pay-to-win, ever - no p2w solutions are going to be implemented on our server
- The release date will be announced later on our website and through mailing (subscribe on PlayTBC.com) and is expected around Q1/2016

Be a part of the project:
- We would like to invite people who make video reviews of private servers to contact us through our forums or the form on the website to talk about cooperation
- We would like to invite people interested in being a part of the project to follow "Recuiting Staff Members!" topic on our forums
- We are open to any suggestions and offers regarding our project

(the current server website is used only for marketing matters, it will be replaced with a fully-functional portal before the server release)

We would like to encourage everyone who is interested in the project to visit our forums to post suggestions, questions and start discussions in order to help the community grow.

See you soon!