Hello, I have created a vanilla private server that will have custom options for players such as access to top raid gear via gold in-game to give those players that cannot raid access to the same gear that raiders are able to achieve. Please note that the gear is VERY expensive as to make it fair for everyone. I am in the process of implementing a lottery on the website where people will be able to buy lottery tickets with their in-game gold. There is already a banking system on the website. The banking system allows players to deposit their in-game money and earn interest on it every day! So come check out the server, it will keep getting better from here!


- Custom Banking System Via Website
- Custom Lottery System Via Website - In Progress
- Custom Access To Raid Gear In-Game Via Raids And Gold - In Progress (Some Classes Complete)
- Custom Web Tokens Earned By Purchasing Lottery Tickets That Can Be Used To Buy Certain Things On Website - IDEA
- Will Have Only The Best And Honest GM's To Help Players When Needed.
- Certain Number Of First Players Will Have Access To Higher Website Bank Interest Rate - Limited Time Only!
- More To Come So Come Check Us Out!!!!

Come be a part of the server start-up, the first players may get access to goodies to help aid the growth of the server, so come check us out and maybe you will be rewarded greatly!


Website - Dark Secrets WoW Private Server

Realmlist - set realmist darksecrets.zapto.org

I Hope To See You All Soon!