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Players commands:
You can see all this commands via /help commands
/fps - Change your fps in the game
/visible - Character visible
/specialitem - Disable special item (Meds config)
/nomassive - Disable massive
/fpsbar - FPS bar
/bullet - Enable, disable bullets on the wall
/swordtrail - Enable, disable sword trail
/healtbar - Your health in the bar
/wheellock - Lock the wheel
/nonumbers - Enable , disable 1,2,3,4,5 numbers in game
/snipercrosshair - Enable, disable crosshair in the game (sniper crosshair)
/nosmoke - Enable, disable rocket smoke
/damagebar - Damage in the bar
/timebar - Show's your sate time in the bar
/positionbar - Show your position in the game (Good for maps developers)
/autorec - Automatic recording frags in the game
/clearchat - Clear the chat on your client side
/nextsong - Next the song in the game, lobby , game room...
/prevsong - Prev the song in the game, lobby , game room...
/vip_wall - VIP can shout every 15 min.
/exit - exit from the game
/time - show the time in the chat on your client side.
/cleanchat - Lobby/Game room
ANTI ALASING automatic in the game
Best sfx.
New ctf maps
Anti aliasing
Alot of skilles maps , and custom maps developed by the map developer (61 maps).
Room tags:
[G=100] = Gravity 100% you can put any number you want
[R] - Auto reloading
[IA] - Infinite ammo
[NJ] - Ninja jump
DEAD tag
New canox mode
Game modes:
CTF , Survival , CW , Quest , CS mode In game options, ESP in game options , No flip in game options , Traning mode in game options , Football mode , Duel tournament ,And alot of more updates!
Last update:
*Config fixed
*Anti buffer

Screenshots :

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