Neptulon 1x Progressive Realm.

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    Neptulon 1x Progressive Realm.

    Neptulon a progressive Wrath of the Lich King realm. The starting raid will be Karazhan and the max player level will be set to level 70, the quest chain for Karazhan will be active and you will have to do it to progress through the raid!

    Max playerlevel: 70
    Overall Rates: x1. (true blizzlike)
    Raid Browser.
    Vanilla PvP titles.
    RDF is Disabled. (will be enabled when WotLK comes along)

    Regarding the progression of the Realm

    The Burning Crusade
    Once the first guild has cleared Karazhan, 2 weeks later Zul'Aman will be released as well as Gruul's Lair. This means that after 2 weeks you will see a steady and growing progression. This might seem fast for the most of you, but it is only to get through the TBC content as fast as possible. Once it is coming close to an end with all the raids and such, we will slow down the paste for everyone to catch up with the current progression. So near the end of TBC you will see Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau open.

    We might have to skip some Patches in TBC due to the fact that most of the patches in TBC were only bug fixes and class tweaking. The big patches will get some pre-hype before they get released to the players.

    So there will be a lot of time for you to enjoy and progress through Burning Crusade. Considering that we are runing it on a Wotlk Core, which means that the leveling will be faster.

    Karazhan, Simulating Patch 2.0.3.

    Wrath of the Lich King
    Once TBC is all cleared up, we will move on to WotLK which will start with Naxxramas, and it will work just like above. We will have the progression flowing slow this time. Since it is the last stop at the progression afterall. Once Naxxramas is cleared we will move on to Obsidian Sanctum with will come up to 2 months after Naxxramas was released.

    Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel will have the most hype since these are the two most well known raids on all of WotLK, there will be a few events on going for these peak Raids! So stay tuned for that!

    The Construction
    You could say that this realm is rushed and that there was no initial thought behind it, but this idea has been around us since day 1 of development. There are quite a few players out there that are looking for something similar, and that would love to play through TBC before entering WotLK, for that true feeling of progression! This is pretty much the only way to do it as well. Since this requires no download of new patches or what so ever, all you need is a WotLK 3.3.5 client to play this realm. We will deal with all the tweaking of the raids and dungeons as we go along!

    The Server Is Running On: Sunwell Core.

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