It has been 500 years since an alliance of Man and Elf shattered the Troll Empire.
Those heady days of victory marked the ascent of Man onto the stage of the world even as Elf declined back into mystery.
The Empire of Arathor ruled by the sword, the great blade Trol’kalar rallying the heirs of King Thoradin behind the feared Trollbane dynasty.
So many strong rulers have passed, and still the conflicts remain the same.
Old faith and new.
Troll and man.
Vassal and lord.
But now Arathor is weakened. Her emperor assassinated on his way to coronation at Tyr’s Hand.
His infant brother takes the rule, and the future is uncertain. The great nobles of the Imperial heartland scheme to manipulate and undermine the boy.
Yet it is not the heartland alone; the city states of the Empire seem set to seize the continent and expand past the Empire’s wildest dreams.
The future may be uncertain.
'Arathor' takes place five hundred years after the Troll Wars and some five hundred years before the present day, during the reign of the last Emperors of Arathor under the Trollbane Dynasty. The world is far removed from modern day Azeroth; the many technological and societal advances of that age will not manifest themselves for several centuries yet, and the people of the world largely live a simple and fierce existence amidst the vast untamed wildernesses of the world. A bastion of learning and progress in this rugged time is the Empire of Arathor, which casts its dominion across much of the northern continent of Lordaeron and imposes order upon its largely tribal inhabitants. However, the possibility of dark ages loom overhead; the Empire begins to crumble as a child emperor - Thoras II - takes the throne and the army are withdrawn from far-flung provinces to strengthen the personal hosts of feuding nobles.

This is where the tale of the player begins; in the Empire the Cult of Tyr - the religion of the Emperor - spreads like wildfire, uprooting the countless followers of the druidic Old Faith, and as the provinces are left to fend for themselves threats both barbarian and otherwise threaten to overwhelm the City States. Between the scheming of the shadowy Mystery Cults, the political ambitions of the forebears of some of the greatest dynasties that will shake the world of Azeroth, and the legacies of the mythical Giants littered all across the land, how will you make your mark known on this ancient canvas? What will survive the chaos, and what will fade into the distant memory of history?

These are the death tolls of an Empire.

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