Server is now out of BETA. We have settled all unexpected bugs and are now ready for players. All BETA accounts and characters will be kept going forward.

Looking for Active GMs and Recruiters/Advertisers. PM me if you are interested.

Proudpine Outpost - Instant 85 (4.3.4 PvP):

100% Uptime! Located in North America.

- 2 Faction Specific Dailies and currently 10 Group orientated dailies.

Dedicated Developers - Daily Updates/Fixes

Active GMs needed. PM me if you are interested.

- Full server backups daily. All data store on redundant drives on a dedicated server. Bandwidth will be upgraded when player-base begins to grow.

- Constant updates and friendly GM team.

- Instant 85 PvP/PvE Private WoW Fun Server

- Custom vendors and trainers.

- Custom Mall/Arena/Raids and Daily Quests. Free Ruthless/Heroic Starter Gear.

- Custom Cataclysm Vendors

- Custom Cataclysm Trainers

- Cataclysm T-mog

- Working Battlegrounds including War Song Gulch, Arathi Basin and Many more!

- Working Arenas

- Custom player commands including: .unstuck, .mall, .duel and more.

- Custom gear system. Earn Masonic Degrees and trade them for cataclysmic gear, NO custom or donor gear!