Server stats:

Start level:255

Max level: 255
Max skills: 1275
Max tallents: 306
Drops(all) : 200
CrossOverCharacters : ON
AntiMasterLootNinja : ON
InterfactionChat : ON
InterfactionGroup : ON
InterfactionGuild : ON
InterfactionTrade : ON
InterfactionFriends: ON
Own Token system


Morph NPC

World Teleport NPC
Healer NPC
Token eXchanger NPC

Server Rules:

1. PvP in Mall & secret location is pronouncedly forbidden!

2. Do Not Attack players when they are killing bosses.
3. Corpse camping is not allowed! (Killing Player's after revive).
4. Do not share your account! (That will be punished with a account ban for both account's. And we dont restore lost account's when you shared them.)
5. Do not steal mobs from other player's!
6. Respect Players, Gms and Admins.
7. No Harrass, Insulting, Make Bad Joke and Swear.
8. Never begg to a Gm/Admin for Lvl, money, item's or other stuff.
9. Never use some bug's or hack's(All your hacks are stored in our LOG file and we will ban you tor using them). Report the bag on our forum.
10. If you have a problem then just make a ticket!