First of all thanks for reading our advert.
We are a small team of developers and friends that are sworn wow fans that wanted to continue with MoP.
As most of the servers contains empty promises / pay2win gear / hackfixes or any other gamebreaking stuff so we decided to open our own server.
We decided that the realm would be progressive, xp/loot rates are set to x3 and the MoP content will be unlocked each 2 months.
> 01.04 - 01.06 - 5.1x
> 01.07 - 01.09 - 5.2x
> 01.10 - 01.12 - 5.3/4x

What we can guarantee you is that:
- We have the best hardware for atleast 3000-4000 online players (CentOS-7, i7-4790k / 32ram, all of it for the server)
- GM Support most of the time (we have few US/EU game masters that will be active most of the time)
- We wouldn't lie / false advertise anything related to our project.
- Nearly ~90% of the old content (Vanilla,TBC,WoTLK,Cataclysm) works. /Both PvE & PvP
- Server will be online for atleast 8 months. (our dedicated server is paid till 15.02.2017)
- Unlike most servers we do listen to your suggestions and issues.
- Server restarts/crashes almost reduced to 0.
- Our Shop will be launched later on is not a priority now and will have ONLY Vanity items. Income from this will be used for payments toward Dev team, Gm's and advertising.

As a base of our realm we are using JadeCore 5.4 and we have fixed:
- LFG(Dungeons, Raids, Scenarios) is fully available.
- PVP(All BG's/Arenas) are fully available.
- 9/9 Dungeons - all bosses available on all 3 difficulties (Normal,Heroic,Challenge)
- Scenarios - 4/18 available.
- Nearly all spells/talents work as intended.
- Movement Maps (so far they are 3.5G might be available soon, we are working on a different branch with them (still needs more work)

Raids: (Note that the bossfights might not be 100% with Blizzard's but we strive to make it as blizzlike as possible..)
- Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6 scripted and available on both Heroic/Normal difficulties.
- Terrace of Endless Spring 4/4 scripted and available on both Heroic/Normal difficulties.
- Heart of Fear - 5/5 scripted and available on both Heroic/Normal difficulties. (needs testing)
- Throne of Thunder - 13/13 scripted and available on both Heroic/Normal difficulties.
- Siege of Orgrimmar - 10/14 scripted and available on both Heroic/Normal difficulties.

Isle of Thunder: 0% (we plan to work on it the next few months)
Timeless Isle: ~80% (soon we will finish the PvP part of it together with all the loot / spawns / waypoints and it will be 100% working)

Server Status: Open Beta
- Instant 90
- Max gold and spells
- Some GM commands available to make testing easyer (list available on website)

All informations about beta can be found on website and forum.