Hello, my name is Teegee one of the Administrators and founders for Chronicle WoW; I am here today to talk about a newly launched RP 3.3.5a WOTLK server in the hopes to catch your interest so that you might potentially experience a new take on the world of Azeroth. Set during the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, players will set out on the foundations of the expeditions that lead the invasion into Northrend and the eventual downfall of Arthas, the Lich King.


At Chronicle-WoW, youíll be playing a part among the many factions leading the war against the Lich King, landing in Northrend you will set out to battle your way through the endless hordes of the Scourge, these beasts and horrors will not rest or delay however, in seeing that you are met with a brutal and terrible end. Forge your own destiny by joining up with the forces of the living, or find yourself joining the endless ranks of the Lich King and ensuring that his demands are met and the total destruction of Azeroth is brought about. These are the chronicles that will unfold, as a player and community you will have influence over the outcome of this war.

Perhaps weíll survive the Wrathgate, push out The Scourge forces from the surrounding regions and back into their frozen citadel of Icecrown, or will it be the living on the run due to events and outcomes that were contributed and influenced by you, the player base. This is what makes this project so exciting, we cannot know for sure the outcome of this war as it may very well turn out to be entirely different, perhaps for the better or for worse.

Further Information:

We are a 3.3.5a Wrath of the Lich King private server, with the intentions of reliving the Northrend campaign, from start to finish, only this time under the influence of players. Giving you the freedom to change the storyline in its entirety. Founded by a group of friends and with the support a staff team, highly competent in both development and storytelling, we hope to deliver a unique one of a kind experience to our players and community, boasting custom and unique scripts such as a death system, which not only allows you to kill your enemies, but also: capture, wound and of course release, allowing you do as you will with your victims.

Also included are many improvements to the base game: such as a reputation system, allowing you to infiltrate your foes encampment in disguise and gather information for your own factions side. We hope to incorporate further scripts and implementations that will improve your experience on our server, we have achieved this by adding in Mists of Pandaria, Cataclysm, Warlords of Draenor and even Legion items and objects, being one of many servers to have all of this on a 3.3.5a core!

The Survival Aspect

The first thing one notices about Northrend is that for the most part, itís a continent covered in ice and snow. Itís the northern pole of Azeroth and serves as home to the ice caps of the world. Which should tell you plenty without even taking into consideration the forces of undeath, or a look at places like Dragonblight or Borean Tundra. Your character will suffer terribly if you donít dress accordingly. That said, even in areas like Grizzly Hills or Sholazar Basin.So next time you consider stripping down for a nice bath, or heading out in your fancy suit, make sure you're near a heat source or doing something to address the bone-chilling, omnipresent winter. Next time you head out at night from your encampment, make sure you have a light-source and extra clothing, and in the event that you should decide to make your home on the roof of the world's finest region for real estate for a night, make sure you have a defensible position.

The Scourge

The Scourge is and has always been meant to be a soulless killing machine. With no concept of fatigue. Many of us feel that, like many things in the commercial version of WoW, the Scourge was turned into a theme park ride for the sake of opening raids and of course managing a large-scale MMO. The advantage we have here in the private RP server end of things is to make these enemies as correct to the lore as possible, and you can expect your storytelling staff here at Chronicle to deliver. The Scourge is without number, immune to the laws of attrition, and its influence is as pervasive as it is perverted. Your characters are going to die in confrontations, or, if theyíre perhaps less lucky, they will die due to the Scourge's many dark magicks or their agents' treachery. There can be no rest for the dead, so donít expect them to render any pause to you. The Scourge will seem superior to you at times, and it is in these moments that you must weigh the option of whether to run and live to fight another day, or die gloriously many miles from home.

The Misery

So, the theme of this phase is going to be dark. Defeat of the combined Alliance and Horde (or the annihilation of one of the more neutral races, if that is your shtick) is entirely plausible here on the continent of Northrend. Each battle or event for any faction or group will carry with it great consequences meditated on by the storytelling staff that will affect the overall campaign. However, one should always keep in mind that while the stakes are high, we are ultimately here to have fun. Your characters are going to be cold, wet, tired, sick (sometimes horribly so), and in that conflict will we attempt to spin our narrative of struggle so that, win or lose, survive or die, you as a roleplayer will at least have the ability to look back on this experience and say that it was, of all things, 'fun'.

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