Are you a fan of survival games? Whether it's Rust/DayZ/etc.. , if you're or you like them then I'm pretty sure you will love this. This is YHOOL 1%, You have only one life, the first of its kind, the server where you only live once, dying means ur character deleted,

1)You have only 1 life, think again before fighting that dude
2)FFA, no faction restrictions
3)Instant level 20, 10 talent points, Don't spend them on shit
4)World PvP, no safe-place except inns,
5)Free Gear from Vendors, want a better gear? Go do instances
6)1 character maximum per account
7)No teleportation, Meeting your friends is hard now eh?
8)No dungeon finders,No sanctuaries
9)Blizzlike gear, even drops from trash mobs(Blue/green)
10)Guilds, You're never alone by then
11)Great staff/community, too friendly tbh.
12)Entire map available, go wherever u want.
13)it's not PtW, at ALL
14)You can camp wherever, camp at that instance, wait for that guy to finish it, he will have low hp prolly, KILL HIM, profit?!?
15)All classes available, all professions available, You can make your own better gear, but the regents? you must get them the hard way
17)No soulbound items(Except quest items), now you can trade anything! become a pirate vendor!

YHOOL, the Hunger games of WoW, where you thrive for victory and survival. In this world, your only goal is to survive, and be the best, Survive in any way available.. Whether it's by camping waiting for a pray to go out of your stealth to kill.. Or whether it's by hunting for people.. Or whether it's by going with your guild to do that one hard instance.. It doesn't matter, just watch out.. You don't know whether he's backstabbing you or not.. I bet he will.. You start at lvl 20, with 10 talent points. Which means every talent matters, no higher levels. Makes you able to play a class like alot of times with different gameplay, all professions are available, you can even craft yourself a better gear, and go pwn those noobs. There's no safe place.. ow man, that's the best feature imo, It's like the entire world is a bg, it's never safe, specially that your mates can backstab you at anytime, don't trust anybody.Specially that you must walk anywhere? Next time you're walking to the instance watch out as you must remember YOLO .

Information(VERY IMPORTANT):
This server is fully functioning with all of these features implemented but problem is.. The community is running low, this server doesn't have enough pop, and the owner doesn't want to start it until it's advertised and more popular, as this is just a 1% of the full version, which's planned to have MUCH more stuff, YHOOL 100%, which has no name tags, custom quests, pvp quests, social/economical/political matters, lvl 80, FFA mob looting, everybody can loot ur boss.. Yet to release, it will be a MOD. it's pretty amazing, yet for now these are the features, It's pretty ready and into motion, now more players for it start, maybe next weekend, We need you guys to support us!

Future Features:

1)Looting the killed players loot(Kill them, take their loot)
2)No name tags, Hide in the bush
3)Level 80 max
4)PvE outside of instances, guild VS guild VS boss, who will take the loot??
5)Custom quests, events and rewards which can greatly influence the server and others' gameplay (like becoming a monster). These will lead to player interactions.

YHOOL 1% features, not complete though as I have it fully explained in here
YHOOL 100% features, yet to release just a thriller
Discord link if u wanna get in contact with me/creator/staff for more info

I'm not part of the staff nor I'm the owner, I'm just a fellow supporter trying to help the owner as I don't want to ruin his efforts and want everybody to know how this server is GREAT!

All in all thanks guys! I hope you like it, if you wanna contact, join discord, so you could know when it's available and again and contact the owner, for now it's offline but it will be online very soon! get in discord to know everything!