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Server is still in production, our alpha server should be running from Sunday latest if anyone is interest in joining mesage me in Discord,we are also looking for developers, designers and writers, so if this is of interest to you please just mention it in Discord

Legacy-Gaming has been carefully and judiciously developed in reminiscence of the old school days where max level servers were amongst the top played and most fun servers to play. Our teams passion to create a PvE / PvP server and our developers fastidious nature has granted us great the ability to pull together a server that can offer content to players of all variety. Our ubiquitous custom content has been developed with great attention to detail thus granting the ability to obtain blizzlike gear & weapons in exchange as an alternative method of playstyle. Whether you prefer PvP, PvE, Blizzlike or Custom we offer it all!

3v3 Solo Que (With option to remake your team)

Arena Seasons & Tournaments

Custom Raid

Custom Quest Zones & Dailys

Custom World Bosses (One Active Per Week)

Level 60 Raids Scaled to 70 5 Mans (Alternative way to obtain Badges of Justice)

PvE Progression

Profession Island

Vanilla Title Ranks for Honourable Kills


Unique Malls (2x Faction Only and Neutral)

More information about us and our server can be found on our website as well on our forum. You can also join our discord server. We are active everyday so if you have any questions you can ask us.

Website: Legacy-Gaming
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