KiroWoW is seeking testers. We are looking for GM's and possibly Devs.

-Requirements removed on Arena and Tiers.
-Teleporters in most areas.
-Shat Mall.
-And many more!
-Funserver Instant 70.

Please, make a ticket if you find any bugs or have any suggestions while on KiroWoW.

BETA will be over Friday, so please help test!

This is a Hamachi server, and will be till Friday.

Hamachi Network Name: KiroWoW
Password: kirowowwins
realmlist: set realmlist (Remember to be on hamachi when accessing website below.)
website: (It says the server is offline but it's not.)

Remember to clear your cache. Make tickets for any bug or suggestions!


~BladeKiro and Baconmonkey, your Devs and Admins of KiroWoW.~