The server runs 24/7
Supported patches : 2.4.x

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Custom Leveling area , you can level very fast there , and decorated Nagrand arena , we worked alot to complete these , hopefully you guys will like it !

Update every day , events , the perfect server for you , portals at start area .Custom PvP Area, and portal to it.Many scripts were added , and the bosses damage was fixed!

Using latest ascent cores , and latest ncdb fixes , the gm's are very helpful , daily events : Hide and Seek , PvP , Race , Last man standing and more !
So what are you waiting for ,

Have fun !

Drop.XP = 30x
Rate.XP.Kill = 35x
Rate.XP.Quest = 45x
Money.Xp = 85x

System Info:
Intel Core2 Quad 4x 3.2GHz 8MB L2, 4x 1GB 1066MHz DDR-II RAM Kingmax