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    Supports 2.4.0 / 2.4.1 / 2.4.2 Versions.

    Stoneserver is an International World of Warcraft server.
    We have exclusive hand-made scripts (Non Moon++) such as:
    - Serphentshrine Cavern (Currently working on it, 90% finished)
    - Zul'Aman fully scripted except Zul'jin (Gauntlet event included, fully working global-like)
    - Karazhan fully scripted )Mixed with Moon++)
    - Eye of the Storm / Arathi Basin / Warsong Gulch - 100% Global-Like (No crashes what so ever)
    - Eye of the Storm provides Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor instead of Alterac Valley Mark of Honor's.
    - Gruul the Dragonkiller fully scripted
    - Bugged Class Quests added to trainers (Berserker Stance, Epic Flight Form et cetra.)

    Exclusive Spell / Talent fixes:
    - Soul Link fully working global-like (Visual damage still bugged, will be fixed in the future)
    - Minions / Pets (i.e Felguard) do not spam spells
    - Water Elemental's Freeze spell fully functional

    Custom Anti-Cheat System:
    StoneCutter (Server's Manager) has created a custom-made anti-cheat system which gathers and provides us with the required information.
    It has been tested, and fully working against any kind of cheats. reports any suspicious behavior and gets checked within 24 Hours by one of the Admins.

    Professional Staff, very helpful and always listening to every request.
    We are trying to make this server better and better, and we allways follow the players requests to fix bugged Spells / Talents / Instances et cetra
    Very helpful Game Masters, most likely you will find atleast one to two Game Masters connected at the same time, always available to help out.

    Token System:
    Special voting system that provides the voting account with Tokens (non-ingame, used on the User Control Panel on our website) which can be used to purchase packs in-game, such as:
    - 100 / 500 / 1000 Gold Pack
    - Dungeon 2 Pack
    - 1x / 3x Alterac Valley Mark of Honor Pack

    More packs to be added within the upcoming month:
    - Potion Packs
    - Mount Packs
    - Random Set Packs
    - And Many More

    Auction House Bot (Beta):
    A Stand-Alone system, which loads over 2,000 Items and displays them on the "View Auctions" board.
    Players then can either bid and/or buyout items.
    The minimum bid is calculated via Wowhead / Thottbot DB.
    The system updates the items automatically every 30 secdons, and sends the items to the buyers.
    [-] Automaticaly reloads the auctioned items.
    [-] Automaticaly removes items from the list if expire time < 0.
    [-] Automaticaly sends the items to the highest bidder if there is any.
    [-] Supports buyout option [It sends the items to the buyer within 5 minutes.]
    [-] Supports sort [Not fully working, and may be bugged.]
    [-] Supports login / logout by cookies.

    Auction House Bot can be found here:
    AHBot Revamped - By StoneCutter

    Feel free to connect our Team Speak for any questions, or just to chit chat:

    Registration Site:
    Welcome To StoneServer

    StoneServer Forums


    Server Stats:
    X8 Experience Points
    X12 Quests
    X8 Gold
    X4 Items
    Arena Points, Reputation, Honor, Epic Drops - 1X

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    Need any gm's ?

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