Hello Everyone !

My name is Sac, I am the co-leader of the upcoming Elite-WoW. I just wanted to post and let everyone be warned that the user on this forums, "Heavybudz", and his buddy, "Stumpy420", are hackers, and they will completely destroy your server if they get aggrevated in any way. They are two immature little bugger snatchers that do nothing more than mess up other peoples creations, because they cant do it themselves. Please, If you care for your server, and the people you have playing on it, Yee Be Warned for : "Heavybudz" and "Stumpy420" are on the lookout for destroying private servers that don't give them their way.

Thanks everyone for your time, and I hope that you guys will trust me on this one. These two youngsters completely destroyed my very hard built server, because they didnt get their way with things, and they got mad about it. Now it will take me and my staff another month or so to build it back up to par.

I hope that you all will read this post, and be on the lookout for these two Users.

Elite-WoW Staff,