If you're looking for Blizzlike server XaosWoW is best place for you.


Version : 2.4.3
XP: Blizzlike (x1)
Quest: Blizzlike (x1)
Drops: Blizzlike (x1)

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IRC (requires Javy) http://www.xaoswow.org/xaosirc/

If you have character or any other blizzlike server you can transfer it Xaos. You can find more informations here: XaosWoW • Login

-low population (that's whay we're waiting for You),
-Sunwell Plateau and Magisters Terrance are closed becosue they aren't scripted yet,
-many minor bug - like on evert server.

-GMs and Admins are very active - it's easy to find them in game or on IRC,
-80-95% quests are working,
-many scripts for quest made by our Devs,
-Daily quests for Netherwing, SSO and Sha'tari Skyguards,
-a lot of other minor fixes,

!HOT FIX! Alterac Valley - blizzlike script for that BattleGround - join us and see how it works (and works very good)

I hope i'll meet you on XaosWoW dear Reader!