* WoWCore Funserver supports 2.4.3 *
* More custom content than any other private server *
* Level cap is lvl 255 at the moment *
* Custom malls, lvling areas, pvp areas, raid areas, etc. *
* Very friendly staff, and always willing to help others *
* Many many selections on the Donation's List *

If you are the one that is tired of playing the same ole private servers, and want to try something new, then look no further. WoWCore is now live, and has hit the public with a BANG ! This server offers more custom content than you have ever seen on any other server before.

Come join the fun, and get an experience like no other.

Visit us at: www.wowcore.biz , create an account, and join the fun that many others have already come to enjoy and love !

***Set your realmlist to wowcore.webhop.net , and login after making an account, and your good to go.

Thanks for your time guys,
Co-Owner of WoWCore,