I wanted to take a second to advertise my Private Server, not really to beg for people to join but just to throw another option out there for Private Server Players, I spent some time looking into many private servers looking to find what worked for them, what bugs they ran across and what they need to fix to keep people happy. All of this I have put into my server. This is sort of a Blizzlike server, I have noticed that many people like to play wow they just dont like the idea of spending forever trying to level, in my server I have increase all XP (mobs and quest) and raised skill point level in order to off set the sifferance, also I have increase the gold drop rate from mobs to help offset the faster leveling. There no malls in this server, you will still need to raid and party to get gear, lets just say you get to 70 and start it faster,

I have a team of people that have played wow for over 4 years that stay active for a full 24 hour cycle, so there is never no one on.

The Server: After my deployment to Iraq ( making it my 3rd) I decided, I already spent all my previous money on stuff I didnt need so why stop now so I decided to build a server. This server is soley dedicated to hosting my WoW private load, it runs at 4 gig Ram and a AMD Quad Core Processor of 3.0 , Im running 2 Terabytes of Harddrive Space and the Geforce 8800 PCI Xpress Graphic card, everything else doesnt matter. Oh and it runs with Fios, so after Beta running it with some co-workers I havent seen any lag or bugs.

Unfortunatly I havent been able to make a website yet so registration is limited to contacting one of the current gm's via Hamachi, but in my opinon it isn t that hard to set up Hamachi. I am currently looking for a few more GM's with good WoW Experiance that can dedicate some time to help new players on the server.

If interested, go to Hamachi - join new server and enter Server Name- World of Judascraft Pass - Welcome!2 and whisper Augi or DGN for more info on how to get set-up.

For the next few days I will be giving all new players and item they want upon request or gold.

Happy Gaming.