WoWWo's WoRlD Ultimate Fun Server!

Number 35 At And It's Just Getting Biger!

Info about the server:

Did just got updated whit a Duel Quad 2.5ghz (that means no lag at all)

Suports 2.4.3

You start whit full T6 on lvl 60 and you lvl up in the costumed zones to lvl 70.

You got 2 Gm comands, Teleport and summon
Teleport: .recall port for example .recall port stormwind for recall in stmw
Summon: .ssummon mirora for summon mirora

Many level 60 instances are Costumed and the items you get from there (t1 t2 t3)

Obstacle Courses! and other events!

Costumed tier 7!

How do i join?
You just go on WoWWo's WoRlD, register a account and change realm list.

How do i get money?
With a start Quest you get 300 g!