:biggrin:Come and join now!:biggrin:

Server Features:

  • 100% blizz-like server (except for the rates).
  • Server is incredibly stable, allowing for very long uptimes (99%).
  • TBC supported
  • 90% of class skills and talents work.
  • All quests spawned on DragonWoW are working correctly.
  • All raid instances are fully functional with the DragonWOW:WaypointX System.
  • All 4 Battlegrounds are playable (Warsong, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, and Eye of the Storm). Using DragonWOW:BGX System, battlegrounds work on a totally separate server system to prevent lag on the main world base.
  • 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 arenas AND skirmish function correctly. Arenas now work in the correct timeframes which makes PvP even more enjoyable, including corpse looting.
  • Season 4 and Guardian gear has been implemented. All PvP gear has been priced according to the cost in retail WoW.
  • World PvP objectives now working and capturable.
  • Gouge (Rogue Skill) can now be dodged/parried, making rogues more balanced.
  • Friendly and knowledgable GM's that come to your assistance when you are in need of help.
  • No custom items or NPC's.
  • Special weekly events such as Battleground Special Week, a system where rewards are doubled for battlegrounds the whole week.
  • We have "Screenshot of the Day", where players that submit the best screenshots wins a small prize, such as exclusive non-combat pets.
  • A new Anti-Cheat System to detect hackers and remove them from the server.
  • Supporting a live chat room, available on the home web page.

Server Rates:

  • World EXP 15x
  • Quest EXP 25x
  • Rest EXP 25x

Supported Patches:
2.4.3v (TBC Supported)

Coming Soon:

  • Working LoS (Line of Sight)
  • Working Stealth Detection/Levels
  • Working Ignore Armor

***Developers are working 24/7 to get these three things working.***
***Expect to see these three items fully fuctionally and implemented *** *** in 2 -3 weeks time.***

Server Name
: DragonWoW

Server Website: DragonWOW

Server Address
: Cryoverse.ath.cx

DragonWoW Forums: DragonWOW :: Forums

DragonWoW IRC Address
: irc.dwow.ath.cx

We are a fairly new server, and in need of more players. Our community on DragonWoW is slowly building up. Everyone is welcomed. Come and register for an account now! Don't hesitate, join the fun! We hope you have a wonderful time on our server and that you would stay.

PS. *NEW PLAYERS* Make a ticket saying "Delicious Chocolate Cake" and you will receive one for joining the server