Server Name: Unyielding WoW
Server Type(s): Normal/PVP
Average online players: 100+
online player cap: 1,000
Uptime: Constant Up-time, never crashes or shuts down without notification of the players.
normal/tbc?: TBC (Will support Wotlk soon)

Any other information?:

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Unyielding WoW is a very unique Server is many different ways. Some are particular with other Servers and in other ways it is very differential.

Unyielding offers:
4 Custom Leveling Areas. They are not leveling roads, each area consists of quests and custom mobs fully active and scripted for a Blizz-like feel.
Level cap is 80.
A Mall to obtain basic gear.
Custom Icon system. The Icon system is the primary soul and purpose of Unyielding. Through it you will embark on new level 80 quests to obtaining Icons of different aspects to obtain new level 80 custom gear (With blizz-like names) nothing on this server is considered Overpowered or "Uber" and we like to keep our players happy by not letting our items become to the point where you would be able to two-click someone to death.
Unyielding is a fair server, currently we have no Weapons or Armor available to donor's only mounts and some other specific items that will not or very little benefit them against other players (In this future this may change).
Custom PVP System. The PVP System acts similiar to the Icon System, however you will need to kill the opposing faction in PVP in order to obtain a different type of Icon. Using these PVP Icons will access you to custom PVP Gear and weapons. Season 1 to 4 vendors are available as well.
PVP Title Rewards. By getting more honorable kills you can talk to an NPC and depending how many honorable kills you have, he will upgrade your rank. The higher the rank the more benefits you will receive. The last rank will reward you with a custom tabard with stats of your choice within +45 range.
We have very active GM that do answer tickets and will be there when you need them. We do not have childish behavior with our GM's some of us actually like to act similiar to actual Blizzard GM's cause we believe in keeping our players happy, not pushing them away.
In Unyielding everything is achieved. All that will be straight handed to you is some gold, Azeroth flying mounts, starter's gear and a welcome to a unique Server. Otherwise, you will be earning for everything else to give players the sense of achievement.
Basically, if you are looking for a new Server and a fresh start to get away from all the obscene "uber/OP" donators and childish kids who are elitist. Then Unyielding is possibly the new spot of Server for you.