What do you think of wow-caelum? its a old servers thats having a freash start, open for new ideas at this stage with events going on all the time to keep players busy and happy. it needs more players and has a list of dedicted daily players that come on everyday, the problem is they are not on all at the same time. so come join wow-caelum.com and be one of the active players.

Vote on the site to get 5000 gold for gear and go to warsong gultch to get marks for season 4 or attend and win a event to get the chance to win marks or visual spells, custom mounts or custom items. The gold will appear in your mail around 5 mins later. For the instant level 70 server the malls are in orgrimmar for horde and outside Stormwind for alliance.

There are 4 Servers hosted lag free with most players on the instant 70 server.

Instant 70 fun server

Blizzard like server

Highrate Server

All running off of 2.4.3

There is also a Wrath of the litch king server (WOTLK) running off of patch 3.0.2

The realm list are:

For burning crusade based servers- "set realmlist wow-caelum.com"

For WOTLK server- "wow-caelum.com:8131"

Link to the site is WoW Caelum - Where gaming meets heaven

Account register is Account Creation Page

Forum is WoW Caelum Forums - Where gaming meets heaven .

Each Server can hold up to around 2000 players! Lag free and under devlopment all the time so make your sujestions in the forum or in game to a devloper.