Hello i just want to let you all know that i made a server and you are all more than welcome to come and play on it... The server is a mix server. part Blizz like and part Fun server and running 24/7

We got custom mall start gear and High Rate's
The server just Opened to the public. and we need players to join

The first 20 players who join gets a reward of 5,000 gold + free lvl 70
We got a skilled GM crew. who will help you with what ever problem you run in to...

Also im going to Update the server to Wotlk soon..
Dont ask for GM accounts as i dont need anymore GM's at the momnet but i will need some when
More and more players join so just applicate on the forum and ill look at it when the time is right !
To get a GM spot you must have been on the server for a while !

Server is a Raid / Pvp server..
The rates is high and you can level to 70 in a matter of 2 hours.

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