Tirisfal WoW

The server is open 24/7
We hope you will enjoy your stay with us. You can now register your account as -WOW,TBC or WOTLK player, and you can play as a DK. Have fun.

- Northrend Works and Got mobs and quests/npc spawned. T7 and NEWEST! PvP and Arena set

- Starting Gear

- Morphing Vendor

- Teleporter NPC (Comeing Soon)

- Custom Gear

- Alliance and Horde Mall

- We got 4 Events

How to join:

Go to this page a Create/Register a Account

Tirisfal WoW


Before U can start playing, ensure your Realmlist is like this

Set realmlist

Also you need 3.0.3 version of WoW client.!

Join forum and register at : Tirisfal WoW - Index

After creating your account, changing your realmlist and waiting a few minutes your able to start your game and login. If you encounter any problems regarding any of these things please post this on the forum.

Tirisfal WoW - Index

(Server Will Be 100% Bug free soon)

Hope You like it!

Credit for this server and everything on it, does not belong to me, i'm simply just advertising it!