World of Warcraft Project Reborn is in Open Beta:

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    World of Warcraft Project Reborn is in Open Beta:

    World of Warcraft Project Reborn is in Open Beta:All are welcome to come in and see what's going on:

    UPDATE:Server down for 2 days while we move to a brand new dedicated host

    3.0.9 Patch Needed
    Blizzlike with Mall:{rates below}
    See forums for player programs info:

    What is an Open Beta?...Our Open Beta is to give you a chance to see if you like the rates and the things that we have placed in the server...It is your chance to say "Hey if I was playing on this server I would love to see ??????"...That's what our Open Beta is all about:

    As soon as all the beta work is done we will move to a live server and everyone will see the things that THEY the players may of had a hand in building:

    Open Beta server will be open 12 hours {5pm to 5am} a day and longer on the weekends...up until we go live witch at that time we will be open 24/7"

    So come on in and try out the Open Beta

    Here is just a taste of what we have and what's to come:


    Bring A Friend Program:
    Let me ask you this?.How many times have you found a good server and a day later your best friend wants to join!.Well by now you are already level 50 and your friend just started!.Have no fear.Hear at Project Reborn we reward for bringing in your friends and will grant your friend free levels.That's right we will level your friend for free.

    How it works:
    If you are between level 20-30 we will grant your friend 20 levels for free.
    If you are between level 30-40 we will grant your friend 30 levels for free.
    If you are between level 40-50 we will grant your friend 40 levels for free.
    If you are between level 50-60 we will grant your friend 50 levels for free.
    If you are between level 60-70 we will grant your friend 60 levels for free.
    If you are between level 70-80 we will grant your friend 70 levels for free.

    Of course there are rules for this...
    You must have been on the server for more then 2 days and you must be present at the time.
    We will summon you and your friend together.
    Are you sick of playing other people's world of warcraft?.Done with the you must play the way WE want you to?.Well here at Project Reborn we don't go for that!.What do I mean?.How about a server that lets you throw in ideas for stuff?..How about a server that says "you know what?.I wonder if they would like this idea" and then takes the time to find out?.Well guess what?.You just found it.

    Your Wow Your Way Program:
    How it works:

    You post YOUR ideas on the forums..players vote on it..after the voting is done if your poll is in the green we will bring you on board as a temporary staff member and you will work side by side with the staff until your idea is done and ready to go in.

    Rules to this program are:
    You must have an active account for more then 2 weeks:
    You must understand that you will be a TEMPORARY staff member with some GM powers:
    Any abuse of those powers will result in a ban and your project along with:

    Make sure you are very detailed when posting your project..Let the players know what they will be getting into and what they may get out of it..If your post is not detailed I will delete it..
    Custom T8 {coming soon}...{Rogue & Warrior Armor done}...
    Custom Instance with Class Specific Boss mobs with the Custom T8 Armor:{credit to QQ for this outstanding idea}...Rogue Instance Done:
    Custom Sever Events on weekends...{no one gets left out...things like 1on1 2on2 pvp events with the winners getting custom weapon/armor,find the GM,and coming soon mass City Raids}

    And much much more coming:

    Website and Account Creation:
    World of WarCraft Project Reborn

    set realmlist

    Chech forums daily for updates and up/down times:

    Thanks for checking us out:----Shadowquinn Owner of Project Reborn
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