Server Information :

* Has 3 Realms, Blizz = 100% Blizzlike, Fun Realm = Rates 15 x, Skip Realm = Inst 55. Full T7. Start off with good wep as well. has mall and much more
* Creating a Website for Server

What we will send you :

* Website (not set up)
* Server Folder (no maps folder and not set up) :
- Has DBC included
- Database
- Programes needed (maybe)

What you get :

* As we grow a donations box will be opened. You recieve 100% of the donations.
* A full Admin account
* access to any new events that we make before everyone else

What we want :

* A dedicated host with no to little downtime
* Fast connection host (6-8kb internet speeds)
* Little use of the host computer (preferably someone who doesnt use the computer that is hosting the realm. So the person has two computers)
* Knows how to set up servers and website to DynDNS or No-IP Host

What you'll need if you are accepted :

* PC Protection
* Navicat

To Apply :

- Contact by PM
- Contact by Posts
- Contact by MSN [ [email protected] ]