i will show you, how you can make a Mangos Server v. 2.4.3

okay let's go :biggrin:

.1 step
You most download this Mangos Package

2. step
Make a new folder and copy the Mangos in this folder

3 step
Activity the Mangos Package.

4 step
Installing the Navicat Light

is in the folder:
c:\...\Tools\Navicat Light
5 step
started the next software in this right:

1. start_msql
2. start_apache
3. realmd
4. mangosd

6. is it mangosd finished, give in:

create accountname password

7. Start navicat light
go on new connect
give in:

connect name: Mangos
Hostname/IP-adress: localhost/
Port: 3306
username: mangos
password: mangos

8. step
go in Navicat Light on the step

then on

then on
the first acoount give in
gmlevel: 3

9. step

go in your WoW folder and then open the file realmlist.wtf

write in them:
set realmlist

now is it finished!

i now, that is in that gramma and spelling missing, then i am not good in english :smile::smile: