Hey guys, well if your reading this, i just want to say thank you

but I am a Very Experienced GM
willing to join a private server as* full GM

i will prove to you my experience if it shall be doubted, but I am capable
i have run my own private server capping at 2k+ accounts
but something came into my life and i couldn't financially support it

but i am looking for some one running a private server (2.4.x for now) i'll get 3.0.x and WOTLK soon!!

and is NOT using hamachi, i true private server is NOT run on hamachi
i'm sorry, hamachi is great if you and your friends want to get together with administrative comands and mess around on the game

but i am looking at a serious dedicated server that is willing to keep going and get high into the xtreemtop100

i am willing to help (via remote desktop) to help set it up
however i can't be the supplier of the dedicated server

but if anyone has something like that and needs/ or could use one more GM

i want you to know, that i am verry experienced and am looking for a new server to join

i will still be open to helping set up one as long as you have a dedicated server (OR a high performing tower running off of like a really high speed like T3 or something)
and then obviously you wont be using hamachi so yeah

just hit me up if your interested

[email protected]

if you think you could start one and want to do it with another GM by your side to help you set it up
or already have one and need another GM

but the ONLY requirements are

1. if you are using a dedicated server (OR) something of the equivalent
2. are NOT using Hamachi
3. if your going to start at 2.4.x (So SORRY i will try my best to get WOTKL and the latest patch (3.0.x)

but yeah please, once again

[email protected]

if any of this sounds like a possibility