DivineWoW is a new wotlk private server.
We now have 2 realms a highrate blizzlike realm and an Ultimate pvp realm.

On the DivineCombat (DivineWoW Ultimate PVP) we have:
Instant level 80
100k gold startout
Global Trainers

Alliance and Horde malls

Alliance and Horde Raid staging portals to make it easier for pvp raiding

And much more

We are a friendly new server with friendly and helpfull staff that just want to enjoy the game.So please feel free to stop by and check it out. We are up 24/7 with the exception of updating once a week.

Our Site is DivineWoW
And our realmlist is logon.divinewow.net

The account creations page will not tell you that your account has been created but I will assure you that unless you recieve an error it has been created.
If anybody has any questions please feel free to contact me via our forums my personal email [email protected] or msn

I appreaciate everybody who can take the time to give us there input.