• Currently running WotLK 3.0.9
  • Start at lv80
  • Contains a mall which sells & trains everything you could need, including Tier 7 armour, Normal & Flying Mounts, Weapons, Legendary Weapons, Vanity Pets, Bags, Food & Drink and many more.
  • Includes Transporters in the form of the Lich King, who can teleport you to nearly anywhere in World of Warcraft.
  • Some custom scripts, eg Illidan grows when he changes to Demon Form.
  • Friendly GMs
  • Increased drop rates
  • Custom armour, which can be bought from the Mall.
  • Rare/Prize items can also be bought from the mall, eg Swift Merciless & Vengeful Nether Drake, Ashes of Al'ar, Swift Spectral Tiger, Spirit of Competition, Dragon Kite, Murky, Zergling, Mini Diablo and many more.
  • FREE PvP and Tier 7 armour, as well as Free weapons, Mounts, Pets etc.
Currently unfinished, but playable.

Website: akamasrevenge.kicks-ass.net/home.php
(The Info page of the website hasn't been updated for a while so ignore it)