Hello, i am Corry, a.k.a Kickrox. I am the owner of Miasma Entertainment. Due to a recent falling out with our Database Manager, we are now looking for some new staff members. Note, we are not just looking for staff to run our wow servers, we are also looking for Admins, and such to help with our CounterStrike: Source servers as well. And some of our other projects which i will not mention here. Basicly we are looking for Database, and Core deves. Experienced Gm's, and counterstrike:source admin/server-manager. My msn addy is sk8trdude444 @ yahoo . com . (i know that is a very un-professional msn addy but ive had it for years . and no, im not 12 lol. Also our website which will be undergoing changes due to our decision to make our company host both private wow servers and Counterstrike: source. The website is miasmaentertainment . com - Visit and take a look around. The WoW server is currently 3.0.9. Very very stable. We have 3 realms, Fun server with 60x exp 10xgold/drops - Battlegrounds PvP server(self explanitory, it is insta 80) - and Lvl 19 Twink PvP realm (you start at lvl 19)

If you are interested plz, do not hesitate to contact me thru my MSN. Also the email adress i use are mythrandian @ hotmail . c o m or my new one ^^ kickrox @ miasmaentertainment . c o m we also have a ventrilo server which i can be reached at as well and the info for that is as follows:

Port: 26970
no password

Goodluck and thank you again, On behalf of MiasmaEntertainment, take care, and keep on gaming .