Project Armanda:

This project is about making a wow server who is going to become great with your help.
Its going to be free so people who dont want to pay will be able to join and have as much fun as
all other have.
Our project will have 4 or 5 different realms like Fun server, PVP Server, Blizzlike Server, High Rates and Battleground.

But to make this possible we need YOUR help to make it. We need more Developers, Web Designers, GMs, Ticket Answers and Bug testers.
So if you think you got what that is needed. Come and join our Team Armanda Empire and lets begin hardworking on
making a great server within 4 months.

- Server Specs x2 -
Dual Quad Core Processor:
Intel Xeon-Harpertown 5430-Quadcore [2.66GHz] x4
2000 GB monthly bandwidth 1000Mbps Duplex Line
Maxtor Atlas 4x 73GB SCSI 15K RAID HD

You think you can handle this project with us ?
Join our
Recruting Forum : HERE