This is a Funserver!!!

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Are Friendly and will have a conversation with you if they are not busy , Gm's are dedicated to help any player online, If you need a Gm please PM in game or create a Ticket and they will get to you as soon as they can, But please be very patient because they may already be helping another player....

When creating a new character on the realm you will be given 300 Gold to get you started with everything you need..This Realm has a custom mall ,Mobs, teleporters to northrend, and God weps...

Also you will notice when creating a new character you will start out with alot of free stuff listed here...

1. Free level 70 gear which cannot be equipped till you get to level 70
2. Free necklace, ring( which is already equipped) and a medipack(cant be equiped till level 60
3.Free companions
4. 2 pages of free mounts that you can ride at level 1
5. some class spells
6.All new created characters will get all flight paths

Mall portals
Mall Portals are located in every main city just right click on it and you are on your way to the mall!

Custom Northrend Teleporters
There are 3 of them Northrend teleporter just for teleporting to places in Northrend..
Northrend raid teleporter which puts you at the start of the Raid.
Northrend Dungeon Teleporter which puts you at the entrance of the Dungeon..
These can be found in the mall area by all of the Portals out of the mall..

some class spells
Also the Hunter class will have taming abilities and pet spells
Warlock has all sumon spells
Warrior has all fighting stances
Druid has all shape shifts

Dk quests are about 95% completable the rest of the quests that cant be completed are now autocomplete which means when you accept the quest it will allow you to complete it right there...Also Alot of other realms say that they have all(99.9%) of there quests for the DK working but what they fail to mention is this little thing called
MAP PHASING, Which is a Big thing in between the DK quest lines, most Admins or GM'S on other realms dont even know what this is!!!!!!! But we have it and its very cool to see the maps change in the DK area after completing a line of quests..

All npc's are fully scripted, instances are fully spawned and scripted.You will not see double npc's spawned over each other in the same place like in other realms..