Here is my application. If your ready to start a strong, dedicated server then email me at bassplaya360(@) or my AIM bassplaya360.

I prefer a funserver/Rp server, but if necessarily I can moderate a Regular server. I can do both patch 3.0.9 and 3.1.x

Here is my App:

What is your real name -
Sean Sandford

How old are you
17 turning 18 in a few weeks.

Which time zone you are in ( Ex., EST / PST ) -
East Coast Time (US)

How many hours a day you can play -
Around 4+ hours

How many hours a week (aprox) you can contribute to GM/Admin duty -
At least 15 hours

Have you ever been a GM/Adim on any other Private servers? -
Yes, on two servers, but the servers went under within a few weeks due to the owner closing it because of other commitments.

Do you have a good knowledge of GM/Admin commands ?-
Yes, I am very familiar with the GM and Admin commands.

Do you have a problem with authority ? -
No sir

What qualities do you possess that can be beneficial to our server ?-
I am be a strong, kind, fun leader who has many extraordinary ideas.

What is the most important in GM/Admin duty?-
Helping other people and upholding the rules while maintaining a fun environment.

What makes you think you are qualified to be a gm on this server?-
I am a loyal person who will stay with the server even through bad and good, I love to have fun and I am an experienced leader who can enforce the rules when necessary.