Visit Looking for a new Blizz-Like server?

Well Avenged WoW is the place to be!
With being now open to the public we are welcoming everyone with out new welcome package

You get to level 60, Max gold, and free mounts.

Our server is one of the best because:
Working BG's
Furious Glad/T8.5 Gear
24/7 Uptime
Experience and friendly staff
Custom Gear and Vendors
Lag free 99.99% of the time
Ulduar in the process of being scripted/Spawned
And we have some scripted instances

So if you want all of that.... Come on over to Avenged WoW. And you will get an extra bonus if you say that Summergale sent you.

Visit avengedwow(dot)50(dot)forumer(dot)com/index(dot)php to sign up now! to sign up now! to sign up now!

sorry for the (dot)'s.... still not 10 posts -.-