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    How to advertise your server

    This is a guide on how to attract more people to your server ok lets start
    with prep work, and basic knowledge.

    1. make sure everything on your server is exactly how you want it before you start advertising
    2.Make sure you have a dns not your ip this leads to hackers and a dns looks more professional
    3.make sure you have a stable core so that its not crashing all over the place people don't like that
    4.make sure your gms are properly instructed on what do in allot of case you get complaints on gms banning people for no reason
    5.Make sure you website works well and gives clear instructions on how to access your server and sign up
    6.Make sure your host is stable, and you know how many people it will hold without totaly lagging
    7.Try to restart your server as minimal amount of times when it is live
    8. when making modifactions to the core or databse dont restart your server untill you are sure that you have done everything you wanted to do
    9. Make sure you know or have a dev that knows how to fix simple database errors and spell fixes
    10. you will also need money to get you banner up on the advertising sites

    Ok thats about all with the prep work

    Ok now how to advertise your server.
    1.First of all is the name you want a name that is catchy and easy to remember.
    2.Also when you advertise on places like ac-web i have seen that the servers that put what is special about the get the most views and posts about them so put what your about right on your thread title
    3.When advertising on places like extreme top 100 you always want a banner that is catchy and explains to the person that is looking for a server why they should pick you Example: friendly gms high rates custom instances.
    4.Also you could try holding contests for the best video of your server, best website,best banner and so on this would attract people to your server to see what it is about

    Thats about it for that

    here is a list of places you could advertise

    Rankings - All Sites - Games Top 100
    World of Warcraft Private Servers Top 200 - List of WoW Private Servers - Gaming top 100 list
    Game Sites Top 101 - Gaming Sites, Private Servers, Cheats
    World of Warcraft - Private Servers, Guides, Tips, Guilds, Cheats, Free Servers | World Of WarCraft - Private Server Status | your source for private WoW servers
    World of Warcraft Private Servers Top 100 - Rankings - All Sites
    World of Warcraft Top 200 - WOW Private Servers, Gold
    World of Warcraft Free Servers, Private Servers, Guilds, Guides, Tips, Forums
    World Of Warcraft Top 100 - WoW Private Server Rankings Season 4 TBC Guides - mmorpg top list
    WoW Vendetta - Wage Your War
    RELEASE → Ascent Database Editor Version 1.0.5 - WoWps Forum
    World of Warcraft/Warcraft Series

    Thanks hope you guys find this usefull

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    Thanks for the information!

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