Assassins WoW is a great private server of world of warcraft.
The server is excellent, their specs are here:
- Run WoW WOTLK (Wrath of the Lich king)
- Version 3.1.3
- Mid-rate server (exp x 10 x, 7 gold, 7 x drop, quest x 12.)
- Professional and friendly staff.
- Custom instances and hyjal.
- Custom bosses & weapons.
- Daily PVP, searches, arcades events.
- Very good connection, 0% Lagg.
- Custom Mall.
- T8 ready.
- Dedicated hosting.

The web server is: Assassins WoW

Connection Guide.

You can download the World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King from here, in the attachment, you will find 3 different files, so select the version they prefer, enUS, in these or GB, I hope they serve.

1. Download the installation file here

2. Run the downloaded file from the version that you prefer.

3. Select The Wrath of King Lich expansion.

4. Click and Install.

5. Wait till you download and install (about 4.2 Gb)

6. Patch to 3.1.3a (The file includes the installation of 3.0.1)

and change the realmlist:

Set realmlist

and this is in

C: \ Program Files \ World of Warcraft \ Data \ enUS (esMX, engb, etc)

You have to change the realmlist from ALL folders there.

7. Create a shortcut o f the file "Wow.exe" on the desktop, and run the wow from this access, NEVER use the launcher.


Communication between staff and players is very important, so Assassins wow inmplement the ventrilo software.

To start using this wonderful program to communicate with other players and GM to follow these steps:

1 - Download ventrilo here
and install it.

2 - Create your name.

3 – Wen ask the server data put this:

** Server Name: Assassins-Online
** Hostname or IP:
** Port number: 4611

* The use of ventrilo is optional

Is a very good server, i hope you come.