This server is brand new! We are currently hiring game masters to help us out. Please check out our website and forums if you are interested in becoming a game master!

Enjoi World Of Warcraft 3.1.3 PvP BG Realm
set realmlist

  • Website:
  • Forums: Enjoi WoW (Powered by Invision Power Board)
  • Instant Level 80
  • Starter Gear (Hateful Gladiators)
  • Earn Deadly Gladiators as pvp rewards! (Furious coming soon)
  • Custom PvP Token System
    (1G per kill/1 token @ random % on kill)
  • Custom Horde Mall
  • Custom Alliance Mall
  • Battlegrounds/Arenas/PvP Events
  • Great events hosted every day!
  • Dedicated Host (1000MBPS Connection!) No Lag!
  • Earnable custom pvp rewards! (BG Related)
  • Tons of cool custom voter rewards!
  • Great staff to help out with tickets + events!
  • Incredible stability and uptime (No rollbacks!)
  • Running patch 3.1.X WOTLK!

How To Connect (Guide)1. Downloading The Game
World Of Warcraft (All Versions)
[click here to download wow/tbc/wotlk]

2. Install Patches To Our Supported Version
You can patch by using the blizzard launcher or you can download the patches yourself. (3.1.3 WOTLK ONLY)
[click here to download patches manually]

3. Register Your In-Game Account

The Lost Realm Account Registration
[Click Here to Register an In-Game Account]

4. Editing your Realmlist file
1. Go to your World of Warcraft directory. The default directory is (Crogram Files/World of Warcraft/data/enUS).
2. Open with notepad the file
3. Replace both lines "" with the line below

For example:
set realmlist
set patchlist

You should delete your cache folder before playing on our server so everything shows up properly. To do so just go in your world of warcraft directory and delete the cache folder.