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    NMAtion Realms WoTLK Blizzlike Server


    NMAtion Realms is a very new private WoW server, and your membership would be a great addition to it!

    Server features:

    -Extremely friendly/helpful admin dedicated to making your stay with us as enjoyable as possible

    -Custom NPCs to help you figure out things about the realm, or to remind you of things you may have forgotten.

    -level cap 85 (the level cap will be raised as time goes on to keep things fresh and five our dedicated members something to look forward to

    -Custom 80-85 area

    -Custom items for level 85 players. Among these items is the "Realm God's Amulet".
    Reaching level 85 and purchasing this amulet from the mall will gain you entrance into the official NMAtion guild and GM permissions (these permissions can and will be revoked at any time if we find that you are abusing them.)

    -Realm mall with portals, an inn, and vendors for all 1-80 artifacts and custom items

    -Awesome uptime

    -Everything should work as expected

    In development:

    -Many more custom zones

    -More features for level 85 players

    -Custom 85-90

    -Ulduar (we want to make this 100% bug-free before we add it to the server)

    If this all sounds good to you, you can find out how to join and make an account at nmation.com

    The server currently supports 3.0.8-3.0.9 clients officially. You are welcome to attempt connection with clients above this, but we do not advise it. You can learn how to downgrade on our website. It's fast and simple. (Ulduar+ not supported)
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